Lead Researcher (Tom Holub)

Living car-free in the Bay Area since 1990, I have watched as utility cycling has gone from marginalized to mainstream. It has been fascinating to see the changes in culture and infrastructure, and I have long been curious about how it happened, and what the effects have been on cities. I am interested in investigating the causal links, and bringing a quantitative and analytic approach to the research.

Assistant Researchers

I appreciate the help of research volunteers who have assisted with surveys and counts, including:

  • Max Dingemans
  • April Lee Ellis
  • Nancy Finkle
  • David Paschich


Many cyclists and city staff have contributed information and assistance to the project. They include:

  • Reuben Collins (City of Saint Paul)
  • Laura Dierenfield (Austin Transportation Department)
  • Mercedes Feris (Bike Austin)
  • John Fleck (Surly Bikes)
  • Ray George (Yay Bikes!)
  • Bill Lindeke (
  • Matt Magnasco (Charlotte Department of Transportation)
  • Jessica Matthews (Cbus Cycle Chic)
  • Keith “Lugs” Mayton (Third Hand Bicycle Co-op, Columbus)
  • Benjamin Miller (Charlotte Department of Transportation)
  • Pam Murray (Charlotte Spokes People)
  • Alexis Pennie (North Minneapolis Bike Advocacy Council)
  • Steve Sanders (University of Minnesota)
  • Maria Schaper (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission)
  • Dan Sheehan (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission)
  • Tim Springer (The Greenway Guy)
  • Jessica Treat (Transit for Livable Communities)
  • Elizabeth Welch (Austin Transportation Department)
  • Jordan Whisler (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission)
  • Nathan Wilkes (Austin Transportation Department)

Idea contributors

I’ve talked about this work with dozens of other folks, and many folks have contributed ideas to the project. Some of the notable partners are:

  • Dave Campbell (Bike East Bay)
  • Dan Rodriguez (University of California, Berkeley)
  • John Stehlin (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Steve Zavestosky (University of San Francisco)


This research is supported by the Judith Lee Stronach Travel Prize. Many thanks to UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley for making this work possible.

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