Kicking things off

Bike-lab-logo-newI was fortunate enough to obtain the Judith Lee Stronach Travel Prize for summer travel in support of my thesis research. I’ve long felt that we lack sufficient data about cycling rates and bike infrastructure, and I’d like to find ways to figure out more about what’s really going on with urban utility cycling. During my first visits (to Charlotte, NC and Austin, TX), I met a lot of helpful people who were interested in following the research as I go through the process. This blog will document the work I’m doing, give me a space to reflect on what I’ve learned so far, and allow others to keep track of findings to date.

I hope to be able to build a framework that will be useful to others in assessing bike facilities, bike culture, and their effects on neighborhoods in U.S. cities.

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  • Bill Salyers
    8 years ago

    Bill Salyers – (On Facebook) Include Germany in your research along with other countries in Europe. If you dread hitting someone on a bicycle, NEVER drive in Amsterdam!

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