Wrapping up the Twin Cities

I did a ton of riding in the Twin Cities, largely thanks to my friend Max who provided both a nice bike and a whole lot of guidance on where to go. People who races alleycats know a lot about how to get around the city. I totaled over 300km, and hit almost everywhere I needed to get a sense of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Looking at the map there’s a bit of a gap in eastern St. Paul, but there’s really not much there in terms of infrastructure or destinations. Other than that I think I got a solid sense of what biking is like in the city, in the summer when school’s out. Having the students in town would make a big difference. Having three feet of snow on the roads would make an even bigger one. But given the constraints of summer travel, I feel pretty good about what I got to see. 398.4km total; practically a bike tour!

The video doesn’t cover all of the areas I surveyed, due to technical issues and operator error, but it’s fairly comprehensive.

GPS tracks for MSP rolling surveys

GPS tracks for MSP rolling surveys

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